Flight to Iceland

We departed from Abu dhabi at 11:25, it was the start of a long journey. But worth it as said by others. Within 30 minutes of departure, we arrived at Doha.

img_0724With only an hour of transit in Doha, Niaz and myself decided to go have a look at the old part of the Hamad international airport. Supposedly a 10 minutes walk away from our gate we started off with taking videos and photos of the terminal. I would say it was impressive. Meanwhile Sebey decided to wait at the Quite Room located very close to our gate. Fifteen minutes later Sebey calls me to tell me the boarding gates are closing in 10 minutes.


Without a doubt, we set of running towards the gate. It was a non-stop run and the funny part is we were wearing our hiking boots. It just made us look so stupid. Two guys fast paced marching across the terminal. Oh well it compensated for the days I skipped gym this week.

On an Airbus A320 SAS flight with better leg room, we reached Keflavik International Airport on time.

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