Day 8 – Myvatn, Hverir, Hverfdall, Viti Crater, Aldeyjarfoss

We left for Myvatn after a goodnight sleep and some homemade breakfast. The sky was beautiful and so was the drive. We actually didn’t see anything along the Myvatn lake that was worth shooting. After making a round of the lake we went to the Hverir geothermal pots. It was stinking so bad. The sulphur from the ground was just too strong.


No photo opportunity here so we decided to go back to the lake fly our drones to get a specific shot of small craters on the lake. while flying high I noticed a small aircraft flying in the same zone. It was much closer to the ground. Probably a tourist aircraft showing them around the lake. I was higher than the aircraft and was luck to get it in my frame 🙂 I will share that later once I compile the videos.

Myvatn Lake
Niaz’s casualty 3: Yet again he left his drone in the air until the last second. The battery was almost drained and it was landing automatically. You can only control the horizontal movement when this happens. And so when it came to land it slid and flipped across the parking we took off from. The gimbal of the drone was damaged with the fall.

We then continued to the Viti crater. That was past Hverir. Once again through that stinky place. We were already behind schedule. It was 3pm by the time we were done at the crater. And we were supposed to be at Aldeyjarfoss at 3pm so that we can also shoot Godafoss and be back at Husavik for sunset. But things didn’t go that way.

We reached Aldeyjarfoss by 5pm. There was only one other vehicle when we got to the spot. I see why not many come here. It’s 30km past Godafoss on a gravel road. The view was amazing but the only thing that bothered us as photographers was the shadow from the mountains on the waterfall. It sort of cut across the waterfall.


So our plan was to come back here tomorrow earlier during the day after we shoot at Godafoss.

HusavikBack to Arbol for our last night before we hit the road for the next few days.

We tried getting to a good spot for sunset but they sky wasn’t so great.

I got a good shot of the harbour and the church at the town. Later had a good dinner at a nearby restaurant.

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