Day 7 – Egilsstadir, Dettifoss, Asbyrgi, Husavik

Very bad start to the day. It has been raining since 5 am non-stop. Vesturhorn was a big NO. Plus we skipped the East Fjords since it was cloudy and rainy. There was no point driving a scening route while it was pouring.

img_1079We drove to Egilsstadir, the town where we were supposed to camp last night. Refuelled and stocked up. There was a beautiful church at the town. Every church I have seen so far here in Iceland has a unique architecture. This is another one.

Minimal brutal architecture. My favourite.

From here we went to Dettifoss. That was one big scary waterfall. It is massive and the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

Just when we took out our cameras it started to drizzle (something’s wrong with our luck). But we did manage to get our shots.

Niaz’s casualty 2: His 4-stop filter fell right through the rocks at Dettifoss.

Next stop was supposed to be Asbyrgi on our way to Husavik, but it was raining so we just drove past it.


We reached Husavik during sunset, it was such a beautiful sunset. But we couldn’t shoot since we were busy checking-in to Arbol, our guesthouse for the next 2 nights.

This was one gorgeous cottage. This building was built in 1903 and was used by the sheriff of the county. It was bought by Tolli and Ella (both nicknames) 4 years ago and turned into a guesthouse, Arbol.


After camping in a tent and car for 6 freezing night, time to refresh with a hot shower and cozy bed. Goodnight.

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