Day 5 – Svartifoss, Fjallsárlón and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Woke up to a beautiful morning sky with the sun shining through the clouds. We freshened up at the campsite and then started walking the Svartifoss trail. It was steep. Though we took the easy route, it was difficult with all the equipment on our back.


Without last night’s dinner and breakfast morning, it made it hard to climb. While on the trail we were able to get views of the waterfall. It looked beautiful. The more you see it, the faster you want to get to it.

img_0517Svartifoss is located in the Vatnajökull National Park in Skaftafell, Iceland. It is also known as the Black Falls because of the dark laval columns around it.

img_0997   img_0998

After Svartifoss, we drove through a scenic route to the glacier lagoons. (Fjallsárlón and Jökulsárlón). We stopped at a gas station that had tour and a souvenir shop.


To our bad luck, just as we reached Fjallsárlón, it started to rain. We then decided to have a look at Jökulsárlón since it was only 10 minutes away. It was much bigger and beautiful. But it was still raining. And we saw 2 guys skinny dipping in that ice cold lagoon. Guess they were out of their minds.


We went towards the beach and saw beautiful ice pieces on the black beach. It was really stunning and unbelievable. Because of the rain we decided to spend another day in this location. This means that our schedule has to be pushed forward by another day.

At the lagoon they had boat tours that take you closer to the ice. So since we decided to have another day spent here, Niaz and myself went for a boat tour around the glaciers. It was stunning.

img_1032By now we were starving but could not find anything. All shops here were closed by 6pm. We drove up to the nearest petrol pump, and even they were closed. So we went back to Jökulsárlón and set camp there. For dinner while hoping we don’t run out of gas, we made noodles and boiled a few eggs using the gas canister and burner we rented.

And that was our night.

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