Day 12 – Blue Lagoon

The most awaited day after a very exhausting trip, soaking in the blue lagoon. We packed and set off from Reykjavik to Keflavik. It was a 45 mins drive. There wasn’t a long queue when we got to the blue lagoon.

The struggle was getting to the pool after changing into our swimming shorts. Plus it was even more freezing since we had to take a shower before entering the lagoon. Glad there was a small indoor pool where we warmed up before getting out to the main lagoon. But in just a matter of seconds, you get used to the temperature. It felt amazing. Prior to all this we read blogs where they said the lagoon is usually cramped with people. It wasn’t like that when we were there. We were offered a drink, silica mask and algae nourishing cream. We stayed in the pool for about 2 hours and got out beautiful :p

We then returned the camping equipment to the rental company and then headed to meet Kristjan and give him back his sleeping bags. Apparently he wasn’t in for a few days now. That was not getting to meet him before we left.

On our way to Shalimar, a pakistani restaurant, we stopped at a couple of souvenir shops to complete the list. Along with other souvenirs, I bought the most useless souvenir ever. A can of mountain air. Can’t wait to go back home and annoy someone with this souvenir 😀

While Sebey went on to grab his lunch at “the dirty burger”, that’s actually the name of the restaurant, we enjoyed hot, halal, Pakistani food. The music took us to the time of the Shah.

Went back to souvenir shops after dinner for last few things and to kill time before we headed to the airport.

After returning the car, we were dropped at the airport. Goodbye Iceland. See you soon.

I’m glad we went on this trip. Even though the weather wasn’t all that favourable, we enjoyed every bit of it. For me the highlight of the trip was the glacier walk and the northern lights show at Kirkjufell (that was pure luck).

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