Day 11 – Ólafsvík, Londrangar, Arnarstapi, Búðakirkja, Landbrotalaug Hot Pool, Reyjavik

After a good show of aurora last night, the sunrise this morning was beautiful. Sebey and I went up to the spot to shoot Kirkjufell under the soft morning light.


Ólafsvík was the next town and was only 20 minutes away. We stopped at a bakery and tried some traditional Icelandic bread and cinnamon rolls.

The next thing I did was shoot the church at the town. A very modern architecture. I shot it from all possible angles including invading someones backyard. Well I actually knocked on the door but since no one answered, I let myself in :D


Bimg_1171ack on the road around the Snæfellsnes peninsula we stopped at Londrangar, the rock cliffs or the west. A beautiful scene. Spent a while there shooting and flying my drone close to the rocks.

Gatklettur in Arnarstapi wans’t as expected so I’m not even going to talk about or show anything about it here.

 On to Búðir to shoot the Búðakirkja (black church). It was so windy. Wind that I’ve not experienced before. It was a challenge to shoot.

Since we were done early and because we already passed Arnarstapi, where we were supposed to camp, we decided to book a room in Reykjavik and use the time to freshen up and pack everything back into our bags.

Before that Sebey wanted to go to a hot spring. On our way we found the Landbrotalaug hot pools. The water was decent hot, about 42 degrees as told online. But the wind was too strong that we dropped the idea of getting into the pool. The wind literally blew off the door of the car.

We reached Reykjavik at 7pm. Got into the room at 7:15. The sunset sky had amazing colours. Niaz and myself decided to go shoot Harpa. The sky was fiery orange. But it was windier than Búðir. The water on the plaza of the the building was getting sprayed off all over. To make it worse, it started to rain. With the strong with blowing towards us, it felt like the rain drops were hail hitting my face. I gave up shooting and went inside to have a look at the building. It’s an amazingly designed space. Being a fancy concert hall we were being stared at by people dressed up. Our shoes were muddy. Plus who wears hiking boots in a place like this.

But they have no idea where we have been and what we did :)

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